Autumn Campervan adventures

Summer in the UK often continues into September with the added treat of quieter roads, beaches and cheaper campsite costs.  Here’s our list of 5 things you can only do in the Fall.

1) Hire a campervan to tour the Jurassic Coast

Quiet roads and empty beaches.  Perfect for fossil-hunting on the dramatic Dorset coast.


2) A trip to Bath for the Great Bath Feast

Sample some of the best local food from real enthusiasts.  Cheese and cider are a must.


3) Take the steam train through Somerset

All aboard. With a choo choo and puff of smoke sit back and enjoy the ride through the beautiful Somerset scenery.  Book your tickets here


4) Cider tasting in Somerset

Visit the working cider presses at Somerset Cider Brandy Company where you can try before you buy.  The half and half is lovely.


5) Cheddar in Cheddar

Explore the famous gorge and then gorge yourself in one of the many cheese shops in town.